Thursday, July 9, 2009

Television Thursday #2

Ninja Warrior! This Japanese import is basically an obstacle course on steroids. Stage 1 is like the first couple American Idol episodes. You have the serious and the goofy mf'ers all mixed together. Round 1 usually weeds out all the goofy people there for a laugh and leaves all the serious contenders. Round 2 is harder than Round 1 and tests your agility and speed. Round 3 is almost impossible focusing on your upper body strength in an onslaught of obstacles including the dreaded cliff hanger. The cliff hanger has you hanging in the air with your fingertips as you try to make it across a moat. If you complete Round 3, Round 4 is even harder and is a straight race against the clock in a vertical rope climb. Only 2 people have completed all 4 rounds. What makes it even worse is if too many people complete any of the rounds, the next season they make it even more difficult. Those Japanese!

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