Tuesday, June 30, 2009

DVD Tuesday #1

Tuesdays seem like a good day to showcase my favorite DVDs or ones I want to watch. This first DVD is so random and low budget its hilarious. At least to me anyway. I am pretty sure for everyone it is hit or miss. "Evil Alien Conquerors" features Chris Parnell (SNL) and Deidrick Bader (Drew Carey Show) as aliens that land on earth to destroy it. Something about aliens in footy pajamas with a love for Smirnoff Ice made me laugh. When they can't complete their mission, a 100 foot tall monster named Croker is sent to kill them. This guy is hilarious. A must watch for people who like movies like Joe Dirt.

Monday, June 29, 2009

VirginFest is free this year.

Virgin Fest (Virgin Mobile Fest?) usually has a pretty good lineup with a lot of variety and this year seems to be no different. The big difference, its FREE! If you are planning to take a trip up to MD anytime soon, I would maybe plan around this concert. I think the free comes in if you pick up your ticket in advance at a will call. To get a ticket sent to your house it costs $5 per ticket, which still seems reasonable considering the lineup.

Scheduled to perform:
Blink-182 • The Bravery • Franz Ferdinand • Girl Talk • The Hold Steady • Jet • Mates of State • The National • Public Enemy • St. Vincent • Taking Back Sunday • Wale • Weezer - Dance Tent: Danny Howells • Holy F*ck • Lee Burridge • Pete Tong
@ Merriweather Post Pavilion • Columbia, MD
August 30
11am Gates

Music Mondays #1

So I think everyday I will try to have some sort of feature. Mondays seem like a good day for music, alliteration and all. This week we have a track off the recent Wale mixtape, Back to the Feature. Wale is an MC from D.C. with a style I dig. This track has him over one of my favorite Peter, Bjorn, and John songs "Nothing to Worry About". The video for that song is pretty awesome too, youtube it.

Wale-Nothing to Worry About (mp3 zshare)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Art Project Idea, maybe

Inspired by the 1000 faces project in the U.K. (http://www.1000faces.co.uk/index.htm), I kind of want to do the same thing for Virginia Beach. It might take me all summer, but I want to get 1000 portraits done. The little twist that I want to add is that:

1. I can't approach anyone, they have to approach me and ask for a photo. I will be wearing a shirt that says if they want to participate in the project to get my attention.
2. I want to make a facebook group to post the photos, let the people know it will be on facebook and see how many get tagged by those people. I also want to see what they write on the wall.

If anyone wants to help out and can kind of keep to the two guidelines above, email me! (flimsymc@gmail.com) I am about to make the facebook group and some cards to hand out to those that get their photo taken.

R.I.P Billy Mays

As a pop culture junkie, Billy Mays was one of my favorite pitchmen. He never beat a hooker like the Shamwow guy (that I know of) and him and Anthony Sullivan getting on each others nerves on the Discovery show "Pitchmen" was a fun thing to watch. I never bought any of your products, but you were the king of infomercials from your blue shirted introduction into our lives as the OxyClean guy to the guy hawking the Awesome Auger, some weird thing that attached to a cordless screwdriver. Is it bad that I feel more affected by this than Michael Jackson dying?