Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Random Cute Girl #2

Elyse Luray. So I was watching PBS the other day and the show History Detectives comes on. Then this beauty pops on the screen, Elyse Luray. She is one of the detectives on the show that helps find out the origin and history of artifacts that people bring. According to the show's website, she is a student of art and architecture and was one of the top appraisers for the famous Christie's Auction House. Smart and cute what a great combination.

Random excerpt from her interview page:

Is there a puzzle or mystery you dream of solving?
In light of all that the Ancient Egyptians have told us in countless text and paintings about their civilization, they left such gaping holes of how the pyramids were constructed, or how obelisks were raised and the process of mummification. Some believe it was considered so sacred that it was only past on verbally to those considered worthy of the facts. I would love to meet the scientist and architects of this time and talk to them about how they were so advanced?

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